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Personal Trust

In a private trust structure, an individual will transfer ownership of tangible or intangible assets to a Trustee such as MY Premier who shall hold the tangible or intangible assets for beneficiaries named by individual subject to the provisions of the Trust Deed and relevant trust laws in Malaysia.

As such, MY Premier owes fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries , who are the beneficial owners of the trust property and further provides ongoing management and administration of trust assets in professional manner and conduct the distribution income from the Trust to beneficiaries in accordance to the wishes of the said individual.

Will is a legal declaration made by persons/individuals (Testator) in respect of distribution of assets upon the death of such persons /individuals.

MY Premier engages a panel of solicitors who have in depth knowledge of the will in respect of  legality and validity in accordance with the requirements of the Wills Act 1959 to provide will writing services in order for clients to be assured of the validity their respective will thus relieving any inconsistencies or ambiguity. In accordance with Islamic Laws and Syariah Law, MY Premier also provides will writing services for Muslims.

Upon a person's death, the Executor , if named in the will or  the  Administrator( if there is no will) will be the person to administer the Estate.

MY Premier's appointment as Executor or Administrator will benefit the Estate as its management team are highly trained and experienced in gathering, safeguarding the assets, preparation of required documents and progress reports to beneficiaries including handling all administrative tasks such as legal and tax and settlement of liabilities of the Estate will avoid delay, negligence or wrongdoings in distributing the assets accordingly.

Wealth Administration

MY Premier is licensed under the Capital Market Services Act 2007 to provide advice on estate planning and administration which services include advising business owners in dealing with their succession planning for Malaysians with foreign properties and foreign dependents, as well as Foreigners who have Malaysian properties.

Insurance Trust

MY Premier obligation in providing insurance trust is to ensure that proceeds received from the insurance policies are managed, protected and kept for the benefit of the policy holder's family members. In accordance with insurer's wishes, the manner of distribution shall be made by Trustee in distributing the proceeds to intended beneficiaries named by the policy holder in the said Trust.

Corporate Trust

My Premier has specialist professionals and as a licensed trust corporation able to structure and establish special purpose vehicle on trust.

  • SPV incorporation, capitalization and ownership (via foundation or share trustee services)
  • Directorship services - provision of qualified, independent, in-house directors
  • Corporate director services, where enabled by country legislation
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of registered office
  • Provision of named company secretary
  • Maintenance of the SPV's statutory books and records
  • Board support services
  • Filing of all returns and declarations required by local companies legislation
  • Transaction accounting including preparation of statutory accounts/financial statements
  • Tax preparation and filing (corporate income tax)
  • Audit coordination
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Fulfilling all other administrative obligations under the transaction documentation, including opening and managing bank accounts
  • Management of the post-transaction liquidation/winding up of company

Custodial Accounts allow you to retain control of the investments while My Premier handles administrative and recordkeeping duties. Custodial Accounts are often used by individuals , corporate entities , charitable institutions, and organizations.

The depth of our custodial services include:

  • Safe guarding of assets
  • Trade settlement
  • Corporate action processing
  • Collection of dividends, interest, etc.
  • Disbursements as clients instructions
  • Execution of purchases and sales as instructed

In today's ever demanding business environment, it is of increasing importance to ensure that the good reputation of an organisation remains intact and that it does not place itself at risk due to the actions of a third party, which could mishandle funds or default on the delivery of the end product.

By using My Premier Stakeholder Services, such risks can be entirely eliminated, leaving the marketer or agents to do what they are best at doing, i.e. selling the Developer's product, without having the burden of collecting and accounting for sales proceeds. The advantages are all round, as the customer is safe in the knowledge that their funds are being held by an independent third party in a "client escrow account" until such time as he receives the goods; the Developer, at the same time, can be sure that the demise of any marketer or agent will not adversely affect its reputation and that he also receives his funds.

My Premier’s open architecture approach allows us to develop interest schemes which closely purpose and intention of clients. Interest Scheme involves the pooling of a financial contribution derive from the public in exchange for an interest unit in a particular scheme.

The main function of Interest Scheme is to regulate schemes or business models which falls under the purview of Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) under the Interests Scheme Act 2017 whereby the operator of an interest scheme is required to comply with the provisions of the said Act, Policy Guidelines and Requirements issued by CCM from time to time.

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